Stag Houses

Stag Houses

Ever hear of the infamous Fraternity Houses? Make your own frat with a fully rented house for the whole stag! go to any one of our popular destinations and rent out a self catering accommodation for the stag party, usually at an extremely competitive price too! No bedtime hours or anyone to report to, stick to your own schedule, watch whatever you want on the TV, sleep in any bed you want.

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Have a stag party to remember with the best stag party accommodation with a stag house! Get started by booking with us or read below for some more amazing benefits and some things to watch out for when renting your own accommodation!


A Stag Party that gets the house to themselves is an amazing opportunity. You get a full kitchens, a couple of toilets, a number of TV’s, somewhere to begin drinking and best of all, everyone is in the same place, not multiple hotel rooms or hotels. It keeps everyone together to get along.

You get the same place no matter who backs out. Always the same number of rooms and it doesn’t matter if more show up as long as there’s a bed to sleep in.


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You still need to be careful. You are responsible for the room as much as a hotel. Broken glasses, dishes, TV’s, toilets must all be replaced and paid for. Don’t take this option if you are not sure about the group. Also, no matter how many people turn up, you have to pay for the full amount, this would mean more costly for you the less people that turn up.

Still the option is amazing and allows you to go to your own devices. Don’t worry about everyone else, just get started on an amazing weekend and book with us in by simply following this link!

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