Stag Parties: Ireland VS Abroad

Stag Parties: Ireland VS Abroad

Stags Abroad

Stag parties are starting to go overseas again, there must be some money in people’s pockets so! Stag parties in Europe and around have the great appeal of much better weather, possibly cheaper drinks (Not Scandinavia), more activities, less laws, and maybe better looking ladies (not that that’s important). Either way, a stag party in Budapest, Prague, Hamburg, Berlin, Krakow, Amsterdam or all the other famously popular stag party destinations, these stag party are wild, extravagant and can be quite expensive!

How much beer can you buy?

The costs start with the flights, continues with the hotel and stay, and finishes with the drinks, food and the journey back. It can get very expensive very quickly. You need to make sure everything is organised, including the transfers and bars.

We are aiming to expand our location outside of Ireland to these more exciting Stag locations. So just get in touch down at the bottom of this blog and show your interest!

Irish Stag Parties

We are the specialists in Irish Stag Parties. We focus on Ireland the the great spots of Irish culture that you may not have even known existed before. This small nation has so much to do and see for everyone! Including those of us from here. Why get the worry of all the flights, hotels, plans and currency of this different country when you can discover somewhere completely new on this iconic island of Ireland.

Keep the money in this famous island and support us Irish. Make plans to discover one of the famous stag locations of Kilkenny, Galway, Limerick, Carlingford, Carrick, Cork, and Waterford! And enjoy the famous things to do in Ireland that you probably haven’t done before. Discover a whole new type of people on this famous island that you have never met before. Take this opportunity to discover a town you haven’t seen before and have fun! Book with us, the specialists in Irish Stag Parties!

Irish Camping Stag


With Brexit upcoming at Halloween, there may be a few worries about these trips to the UK. As it stands, no one is sure what will happen, but if you are booked already and worried, we are pretty certain that hens and stags will not be affected just yet. We believe that travel visas will be handed out if needed to Irish citizens. There may be some hidden taxes added on to the flights, but that shouldn’t amount to much.

If you haven’t planned the stag yet, we would advise to stay away from the UK for now as no one is sure what will happen. Get in touch with us and we can organise that might suit your needs and you won’t have to care about any hidden fees.

Stags after Brexit
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