Stag Party Ideas

Stag Party Ideas

What activities should a stag get up to? The weekend will be filled with drink and fun and getting to know everyone. So the best stag party ideas can be a perfect start to a perfect stag party! We’ve broken up a range of activities into the sections of Indoor, Outdoor, Team-Based, Competitive, Active and Relaxed.


Outdoor activities are really the best. Loads of space to play in and the best activities always seem to be outdoors, sun, wind, rain, even snow. There is always something that can be done! From a range of activities like Go Karting, Paintball, Kayaking or just renting out Astro Turf and having a game of whatever. Outdoor activities are a great active method of having fun, whilst breaking the ice in the wild outdoors.

Karting for Stags


How about indoor activities with Bowling, Rock Climbing, Escape Rooms or even Go Karting again. Activities indoor typically are not so active and focus more on brains and skill. Some of the stags may not have this, especially if it’s the morning after! But a really enjoyable time can be had indoors!

Team Based

With team based games, in terms of stag party ideas, it’s a great way to boost the friendships and relationships of the group. Get the party started along with a bit of competitiveness. Some Bubble Football and airsoft is a great idea for this. Add in a sense of teamwork to the party!

Airsoft for Stags


Every man is at least a little competitive, bring this out in the activities of a stag party. Beat off all the other members in a game of Karting or Clay Pigeon Shooting, there’s even some gladiator rings around the country to prove who’s number one!


Active activities and things to do gets the stag going for the night. But may tire the group out a bit early too. Nonetheless, it’s only one weekend without much sleep, so take it! Have fun and a memorable time with some breathtaking activities.

Stag Party Activity


Maybe a more quiet time with activities would be a better option for you! Take this chance to try some Whiskey Tasting or some tours. Rather than killing each other in fields, sitting down and trying something out could be a much better idea!

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