Things to do on a Stag Party

Things to do on a Stag Party

While we are creating our activity listing, we thought we would make a shorter list of the best and most popular activities to do during your next stag party!


Paintball is the safest option for a stag party. A real game of paintball will divide your group into teams and have multiple games to play from. Where you test your aim, stamina and cunning in a game of pure tactical advantage.


Another safe option for stag parties that is individually contested. Enjoy becoming the fastest in the land with karts that propel you up to 100 km/h. Take part in a grand prix or just get out on the track for half an hour, there are options all over Ireland.

Adventure Centre

Take part in one of the many adventure centres in Ireland. Reach the heights of hill tops or dive in Dunmore East. With a range of different activities to choose in these wonderful centres, there will be something that everyone can do and have a great time too!


How about golf, not foot-golf, but actual golf. Perfect for the groom if he is a golf lover and enjoying using his putter! With so many different golf courses, have a bit of fun and go around the track with hired clubs and see who is the true master!

Bubble Football

A phenomenon took over the world in 2014 with Bubble Football being a craze, but now it should come back. With the great game being an option for those stags that actually want to have the best laugh. Bubble Football is truly the best option for you!

Horse Racing or the Dogs

Horse Racing or a night at the dogs are great options for a stag and want to spend the evening with dinner and having a few bets. With many dog tracks opening every weekend, a stag is the perfect excuse to get down and have some fun!

Whisky Tasting

Finally, whisky tasting is perfect for those stags that enjoy a drink and the taste of all the different whiskeys. If your groom is a lover of the drink, then a whiskey tasting activity could be absolutely ideal.

If you want to book any of these activities, simple get in touch with us our get started with our package builder (find it here) to arrange the package and get a price straight away!

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